An Interdisciplinary Approach to False Information and Today’s Information Professional


This presentation examines fact checking, a well-known practice often associated with journalism, and its relationship to false information. As a profession and a journalistic practice, fact checking is controversial. However, preliminary studies in LIS show fact checking techniques can be an engaging and effective way to teach source evaluation of digital information. Additionally, the techniques and ethics associated with fact checking also compliment existing Information Literacy frameworks. Through the incorporation of fact checking into information literacy programs, LIS has the potential to help improve the public’s impression of fact checking as a profession and practice, while also bringing increased awareness of LIS professionals’ potential roles and identities outside of the library. Cette présentation abordera la vérification des faits, une pratique bien connue souvent associée au journalisme, et sa relation avec de fausses informations. En tant que profession et pratique journalistique, la vérification des faits est controversée. Cependant, des études préliminaires en LIS montrent que les techniques de vérification des faits peuvent être un moyen intéressant et efficace d’enseigner l’évaluation des sources d’informations numériques. De plus, les techniques et l’éthique associées à la vérification des faits complètent également les cadres de maîtrise de l’information existants. Grâce à l’incorporation de la vérification des faits dans les programmes de maîtrise de l’information, la LIS a le potentiel de contribuer à améliorer l’impression que le public a de la vérification des faits en tant que profession et pratique, tout en sensibilisant d’avantage aux rôles et aux identités potentiels des professionnels de la LIS en dehors de la bibliothèque.

Apr 28, 2021 10:20 AM
Chelsea Woodhouse
Chelsea Woodhouse
McGill University, Quebec, Canada

Chelsea Woodhouse is a second-year student at the McGill School of Information Studies. She has a background in cultural anthropology and professional experience in medical libraries, and special library collections in Montreal. Her current research interests are focused on fact checking and information literacy initiatives relating to digital information. After graduating this spring, she hopes to continue working in special libraries and archives on web-based development and accessibility projects, as well as research and data management in the health sciences.