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FIMS Graduate Research Day


FIMS Graduate Research Day is the spiritual successor to the venerable FIMULAW conference. This event is being hosted by CAIS and will use the Zoom platform. Friendly reminder, this event is free of charge and you are welcome to invite attendees to any or all portions of the event.

The FIMS Doctoral Research Forum is being held on October 2, 2020. This event is being held in partnership with CAIS as part of the CAIS 2020 digital conference. The event features 5-7-minute live presentations by FIMS doctoral students with each session moderated by members of FIMS faculty.


Time             Presentation
10:00-10:45Session 1 (Grant Campbell, Moderator)
10:00-10:07Fun with Memes
Alex Mayhew
10:07-10:14Debunking Assumptions about Language in Information-Seeking
Sarah Cornwell
10:15-10:22Big Data, Little Direction: Towards the Co-Production of Ethical Practice in Big Data Research with Minors
Danica Facca
10:22-10:29Dark Patterns of Account Deletion in Social Networking Sites
Dominique Kelly
10:30-10:37Bridging the Divide Between Disciplines: Creation of A Methodological Approach for Conducting a Systematic Literature Review Across Three Diverse Disciplines
Nicole Delellis
11:00-11:30Session 2 (Paulette Rothbauer, Moderator)
11:00-11:07Teen Fan Studies in LIS
Chantale Pard
11:07-11:14Circulation & Empathy
Greg Nightingale
11:15-11:22Aboutness and Betweenness in Document Society: The United Church of Canada’s Reconciliation Documents
Martin Nord
11:22-11:29Advancing anti-racism in public libraries for Canadian racialized youth
Amber Matthews
Alex Mayhew
Alex Mayhew
Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western University

Alex Mayhew is a LIS PhD candidate in FIMS at UWO. He earned an MLIS in 2016 also at FIMS. Before that he earned an Undergrad degree in Philosophy at the University of Ottawa. He is interested in thinking tools and philosophical engineering, particularly knowledge organization.

Amber Matthews
Amber Matthews
Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University

Amber Mathews is a Library and Information Science (LIS) doctoral student at Western University. Her research examines systemic racism in public libraries and its impacts on racialized youth in Canada. Her research is grounded in an anti-oppression methodologies, specifically anti-racism, and suggests that failing to account for race and redress systemic power relationships denies historical imbalances of power and entrenches systemic racism.

Philippe Mongeon
Philippe Mongeon
School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Philippe Mongeon is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Management of Dalhousie University, where he runs the Quantitative Science Studies (QSS) Lab. He is also the president of the Canadian Association for Information Science.